Reading Readiness in the Early Years


A Design for Success

The Oak Harbor Christian School sequential program for reading readiness begins in preschool and follows through to kindergarten and first grade.  It prepares the young learner to enjoy a lifetime of literacy and academic success.

The OHCS “Little Eagles” preschool pre-reading program uses systematic instruction of readiness activities for the essential components of reading: phonics awareness, phonics, development of language, vocabulary and story comprehension.  Using multi-sensory activities, the child’s curiosity is stimulated.  The child is then provided an opportunity to explore his or her creative abilities while building individual skills.

As the student progresses through kindergarten and first grade, Oak Harbor Christian School begins to tailor an approach for the individual child using a variety of resources (books, listening activities, worksheet activities, manipulatives and games) from Reading Street.  The ability to customize on your child’s developmental level builds a solid foundation for later learning and sets the school apart from other reading programs. National testing in 3rd, 4th, and 6th grades demonstrates the success of the program.

A caring and nurturing atmosphere based on Biblical truth and centered on demonstrating Christ’s love, encompasses all classroom activities at Oak Harbor Christian, from preschool through the sixth grade.  Our approach and curriculum sees unique potential in each child, stimulates independence and key social skills, and builds character.


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