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There is power in WE

Our school has been dedicated to providing quality Christian education for 85 years! We have been loving, caring, and building the kingdom of God through education for more than half a century; honoring Him, and bringing His children closer to Him since day one. 

We are committed to carry out our mission and let His light shine like never before! And we need your help to do it. There is no WE without YOU! 

Join us as we recruit necessary team members to make our annual school auction a great success!

Here is where WE need you:

Procurement Specialists 
Procurement Specialists are those who connect with the community and bring in those much needed donations. We know from experience that successful Procurement Specialists know who and how to ask. Tracey Carvalho will work and train this group on how to use our donor lists to procure. 

Donation Tracker 
We need two volunteers to enter the data and keep track of the procured items. They  maintain a binder with all procured items that are categorized into sections. The Donation Trackers are responsible for maintaining all gift cards, gift certificates, and products in addition to knowing where they are stored. The donation trackers work closely with the auction coordinator. 

Marketing Specialist
The Marketing Specialist focuses on bringing more people to our silent and live auctions. If you are passionate about communications, marketing and advertising, then you are the person WE are looking for! 

Photography & Visual Displays
We need a team of two that can work together to best present and photograph the received donations. Every item in the silent auction is photographed and uploaded to our auction website. Photography & Visual Displays arrange and set up the items so it is more appealing online. In the live auction, each item needs a static display for bidders to see. This team makes a small vignette of each item.

Food and Beverage Coordinator
The Food and Beverage Coordinator organizes all aspects of the food and beverages in the gym. Duties include finding volunteers to help, cooks, and bakers, in addition to attending to the display and presentation of the food and beverage items. Middle school students will bus the tables as well as fill coffee and drinks, and an adult will supervise. The Food and Beverage Coordinator is responsible for working with the Table Decorations Committee on plates and napkins, cutlery and integration for a cohesive presentation. The coordinator is responsible for the procurement and delivery of all items needed for the food and beverages.

Decoration Helpers 
Provide support on all decorative and aesthetic aspects of the event.

Sound and Technical Support
Provides Audio/Visual set up of sound system and projector in addition to technical support during the event. 

Reunion Memorabilia Coordinator (Focus Wall and Highlights)
The Reunion Memorabilia Coordinator gathers history of the school’s past and makes a visual display at the live auction. We can give key names of people who would provide some pictures and items. At the school there is an entire file cabinet of incredibly relevant documents that can be photocopied or enlarged. 

Parking Greeters 
Provides help to auction participants on arrival to the designated parking area. They are also available to greet arrivers with a greeting and a smile.

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