When was the school founded?

The Oak Harbor Christian School was established in 1938 by parents of the Christian Reformed and Reformed Churches in Oak Harbor to provide their children with the benefits of a Christ-centered education. From that beginning, God has blessed the school and increased it so that it is now a source of Christ-centered education for families throughout the community.

How is the school governed?

OHCS is not a parent owned school, but rather it is governed through a covenant community of believers called the Oak Harbor Christian School Society.

What does the Society do?

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, members of the Society elect men and women to the Board of Trustees which is charged with the responsibility to oversee the management of the school. The Society also votes on many issues that the board brings before them at the annual meeting in April.

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How can I become a member of the Society?

To be a member of the Society, a person needs to read, agree to and sign the statement of faith that this school was founded upon and also vote at the annual meeting in April on issues concerning the school. One must join 6 weeks prior to that annual meeting.

What is the Board of Trustees role as over-seers of the school?

The Board, through much prayer for wisdom, works to attain the spiritual and educational goals of the school and prepares the school budget for that school year.

Sometimes tough decisions must be made after knowing all the facts and realizing that not all are in accord with that decision within the parent body. It is the prayer of the Board that the cause of Christ motivates all actions and decisions.

The Board makes policies for the operation of the school and then oversees the school’s operation. It also appoints staff and parents to the committees of Finance, Public Relations, Education, Buildings and Grounds, and Long Range Planning. They in turn oversee their specific area and bring recommendations to the Board to act on.

Who can run for the Board of Trustees?

  • One who is first of all committed to the Lord and is actively involved in a local church body of believers and submits to the Word of God as a way of life.
  • One who is interested in Christian education and desires to serve and dedicate time in this area of responsibility.
  • One who is a current Society member.

Furthermore, the constitution reads that “two-thirds of the Board shall be members in full communion of the Christian Reformed Church or the Reformed Church of America as qualified by Article II. All members of the Board must be professing Christians.”

About the teaching staff the constitution reads that a teacher “must declare their unconditional acceptance of the basis and purpose of the Society as expressed in Articles II and III of the Constitution. They must be members of a church whose doctrine is in agreement with these articles, they must be scripturally sound in their teaching, and lead a Christian life.”

Are uniforms required?

As of 2022, Daily Uniforms have been required for all students. Guidelines and ordering information will be provided via email once enrollment is complete.

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Does the school have a Parent Teacher Organization?

In 1941, the mothers of the school formed a Mother’s Club. To make additional money for the school, they put on auctions of aprons and baked goods, had musical programs and held other money making activities within the group. These ladies faithfully supported the school until 1969, when their function was taken over by the PTA, which was made up of these same women. Today the group is called the CPTA (Christian Parents and Teachers Association) which continues to support the school through fundraising activities and strengthens relationships between students, parents, and teachers. This group is different from the OHCS Society.

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