The kindergarten through grade six physical education curriculum seeks to develop basic movements and gross motor skills in each of the students.  In addition, students will become more fit while learning the importance of regular exercise, flexibility, and muscle endurance.  The middle school program will also put a heavier emphasis on creative, intellectual, and decisional goals as outlined in our CSI curriculum.  All students will learn that physical education is an important part of their lives, and a love and enjoyment of physical activities and the use of human movement is a gift from God and is a way to serve Him, others, and self.


  • understand spatial and body awareness relating to self and others
  • develop locomotor and non-locomotor skills – walking, stretching
  • develop manipulative skills – bouncing, rolling, simple tumbling
  • enjoy simple games
  • relate to others


  • rehearse manipulative skills and non-locomotor and locomotor skills
  • understand concepts of health and fitness
  • understand self (I can)
  • explore rhythmic movement – simple dance and make believe
  • enjoy simple games


  • develop quality in manipulative patterns
  • exhibit integrity
  • understand personal fitness and its importance
  • learn basic rules of sports and games (soccer)


  • develop quality in manipulative skill patterns
  • build strength, flexibility, and respiratory endurance
  • share talents and responsibilities with others
  • concentrate on basic skills, rules, and lead up games


  • continue to develop in manipulative skill patterns and building strength, flexibility, and respiratory endurance
  • use and review sports skills and games, and their rules
  • perform creative movements
  • develop teamwork
  • build total fitness
  • play games and various sports:
    • Soccer
    • Volleyball
    • Basketball
    • Floor hockey
    • Badminton
    • Flag Football
    • Softball

The middle school physical education curriculum seeks to develop in each student an awareness of fitness and the motor skills necessary to play team sports.  The school offers competitive play through intramurals and team sports-co-ed soccer, boys and girls basketball, and track.  After completing the middle school program each student will make a decision to lead a fit and active lifestyle.