To five-year-olds, kindergarten is school. They come expecting to learn. As we meet their eagerness and God-given readiness, we offer each subject from the perspective that God created the world and all things in it. Your child’s progress will depend on maturity, interest, and abilities.  We work to help each one develop fully the gifts and talents God has given.


The basis of all educational programs of OHCS is as follows:

  • That the instruction and education of children in the school as well as in the home must be in accordance with the word of God.
  • That a school is not an institution dependent on or belonging to the church or the state, but that it depends on and proceeds from the home.
  • That throughout the course of the child’s education, the fundamental unity of the school and the home must be maintained.


The children participate in prayer and Bible stories on a daily basis. They memorize selected portions of scripture.

The Reading Street program is used in Kindergarten. This provides the students a solid phonetic foundation in reading skills, both visual and auditory.

Math Connects is used. Some areas covered include counting by rote, understanding what numbers mean and how they function for counting, addition and subtraction; relationships (larger/smaller, more/less, before/after, etc.); ordinals (first-tenth); and beginning concepts of time and coin values.

Units offer a very concrete, hands-on approach to elementary ideas of science. We deal with things like color, weight, measurement, buoyancy, birds, animals, insects, plants, etc.

The children learn information such as birthdays, phone numbers, addresses, the days of the week, the months, the seasons, the flag salute, etc. We also have units addressing safety, dental health, holidays, and others.

The children sing songs, choruses and hymns.  They learn music fundamentals such as rhythm and tune.

Through art we work to develop an appreciation for the beauties of God’s world and to stimulate each child’s creative nature. We teach the proper use of crayons, paint, paper, glue, scissors and clay; and we also help develop the fine muscle coordination. Art is used to enrich all subject areas.

Additional Information


  • Morning Class              8:40 a.m.  to  12:00 p.m.
  • All Day Class                8:40 a.m.  to    3:00 p.m.

Transportation to OHCS Kindergarten is usually provided by parents.

There are often many cars and people in our parking lot. For their safety,  please bring your children to and pick them up from the classroom.

This comes by email from the school office and includes important information such as schoolwide schedule changes, special events, and other notable items.

These notes from your child’s teacher include information important to kindergarten.  A weekly note informs families of activities happening during the week.  A monthly note lists the memory verses and snack list for the month.

We believe that a child’s education is the responsibility of the parents. The OHCS Board works hard at keeping tuition low. Combine these two and you come up with parent helpers. You will be asked to lend a hand in various ways throughout the year.

The staff looks forward to working with you and your child toward a positive learning experience.  Please feel free to contact them at school or home.  For ENROLLMENT MATERIALS OR FURTHER INFORMATION about any OHCS program (Pre-School through 6th grade), write, visit, or phone:


675 East Whidbey Avenue
Oak Harbor, Washington  98277
(360) 675-2831