Grade 5


  • study the gospels and book of Acts
  • examine the types of poetry and writing used in the books of Psalms and Proverbs
  • gain knowledge by reading the Bible themes directly
  • see how Christianity applies to daily life through class devotions
  • story mapping
  • share and practice their faith through prayer requests
  • show concern and respect for others
  • realize accountability for their actions
  • study Jesus’ ministry – miracles – teachings







  • understand that language is a gift from God
  • enjoy reading for self, in groups, as a class
  • recognize figurative language (similes and metaphors)
  • read for different purposes (enjoyment, information, content area)
  • understand the elements of a story (setting, character, plot)
  • experience different types of literature (historical, fantasy, biography, etc.)
  • learn to speak comfortably before a group in prayer, giving information, or making speeches and reports (Speech Meet)
  • write in cursive with fluency and legibility (optional)
  • write some assignments in cursive
  • gain mastery of the eight parts of speech and classify five standard English sentence patterns
  • write a paragraph using complete sentences while demonstrating the process of basic ideas, topic sentences, and supporting details
  • organize information to write in subject areas
  • follow steps for writing a report
  • develop the skill of writing essays:  expository, comparison/contrast, persuasive, descriptive, and narrative
  • prepare book reports in a variety of styles
  • apply writing traits to writing assignments
  • write pen pal letters



A wide variety of books are read aloud to the class – some favorites include:

  • The Cabin Faced West
  • Books by C.S. Lewis-The Last Battle, Magician’s Nephew
  • Caddie Woodlawn
  • Sign of the Beaver
  • The Cay
  • Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell
  • Gentle Ben by Walt Morey



  • discover place value from billions to thousandths
  • learn and/or practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers, fractions, and decimals
  • experiment with metric measurement (mm, cm, km) and the English system of measurement
  • attempt to master ?, ? Facts
  • calculate perimeter and area of simple shapes
  • obtain problem solving skills
  • practice using a calculator
  • gain increased knowledge of math vocabulary
  • learn basic geometric terms



  • realize God’s greatness in the order and mysteries of creation
  • develop and apply skills for critical thinking
  • realize their responsibility as stewards of God’s creation
  • understand the steps in doing a research project
  • focus on the body systems, insects, plants, structures, and rocks and minerals
  • be aware of the stages the body goes through in the maturation process



  • understand every individual is unique and contributes to God’s plan in history
  • continue to develop geographic skills in the use of maps
  • identify continents, oceans, and major geographic locations in the United States
  • gain skills in using graphs, tables, charts, time lines
  • master the states and capitals and abbreviations & locations
  • use literature to bring people, times, and events to life
  • become acquainted with prominent individuals who helped in shaping the history of the United States
  • understand and demonstrate citizenship, fair play, respect for others and community responsibility
  • explain and discuss key factors of the American Revolution
  • identify significant events in the beginning and early growth of our nation
  • acquire basic knowledge of Washington State History via use of the Washington Studies Weekly (newspaper study)
  • explain and discuss factors of the Civil War and Reconstruction
  • look at causes and effects of W.W. I and W.W. II on the United States and the world
  • understand the expansion of America through the 20th century
  • participate in 5th grade Washington State trip