Grade 1


  • remember Bible stories
  • give thoughtful responses
  • believe the Bible is God’s word
  • remember the overall story of the Bible as God’s plan of salvation
  • learn songs related to Christian themes
  • love God, others, self
  • desire to serve God
  • relate Bible to daily life
  • witness to others
  • show sensitivity to spiritual matters in prayer



Students will participate in weekly memory verses. Verses are from the New International Version (NIV).  Some of the passages include:




  • understand that language is a gift from God
  • read using phonetic, picture, and contextual clues
  • read basic sight words
  • read orally with expression
  • determine cause and effect
  • determine main idea
  • predict outcomes
  • draw conclusions
  • compare literary information
  • read fiction and non-fiction books
  • introduced to dictionary skills
  • study authors
  • speak with voice appropriate to audience
  • publish at least two pieces of writing per year
  • write in journal at least three times each week
  • write manuscript letters legibly
  • write complete sentences using nouns and verbs correctly
  • write using end punctuation
  • recognize and use contractions


  • understand God’s world as a world of order and precision
  • tell time to hour and half hour
  • count to 100
  • count by twos, fives, and tens
  • make trend graphs
  • introduced to geometry and fractions
  • give reasonable estimates
  • know days of the week
  • know addition and subtraction facts to 18
  • count nickels, dimes, and pennies to $.99 and quarters to $1.00
  • recognize and make patterns
  • know place value through 99
  • introduced to measurement concepts


  • recognize God as creator of the universe
  • acquire basic scientific knowledge about God’s world
  • develop an appreciation of the beauty of God’s world
  • realize responsibility as image bearer in God’s world
  • learn about nutrition: make healthy choices
  • develop safety awareness
  • learn about dental health
  • learn how we grow
  • participate in field trips to a farm and zoo
  • living/non-living
  • plants
  • animals
  • water/air
  • sun, moon, earth
  • weather
  • matter
  • machines
  • magnets


  • understand the uniqueness of each individual in God’s eyes
  • understand we are children of God
  • introduced to maps and understand use of maps
  • acquire basic knowledge about family, community, and country
  • develop an appreciation for the society in which they live
  • develop an appreciation for the people with whom they interact
  • learn about and celebrate holidays
  • learn about key people and groups in our nation’s history: Columbus, Pilgrims/Indians, Martin Luther King, Jr., George Washington, Betsy Ross, Abraham Lincoln, John Chapman
  • learn about our nation’s capitol