What others are saying about Oak Harbor Christian School

Thank you for taking time to talk with my family today. I just wanted to make sure I emphasized that I LOVE this school. It really does feel like home, and we would stay in Oak Harbor just for this lovely family that we have joined. I truly believe that parents are just as much a part of a child’s education as the school. I am happy to help the school in any way I can. We are excited about the coming year and the opportunities ahead of us to grow God’s kingdom.  S.V.

 Excellent school!  Our son loves it and students gets lots of individual attention.  Q.D.

 My son and daughter are having a great experience this school year. I am so glad that I am able to choose this school for my children. The staff are really helpful and informative and I can already tell this early in the school year this is going to be a great experience.  T.B.

 Smaller class sizes means education plans are more tailored to individual students. I like that our children can pray and pledge allegiance without fear of the repercussion that has sadly plagued our public school system.  OHCS Parent

 I have had two children go from preschool up through 8th grade. I cannot express how much this school molded them into the amazing human beings they are today. Both children were given a strong foundation in God’s word and have character that this world rarely sees. This school cares about the whole child; academics and spiritual responsibility are taught in everything they do.  Former OHCS Parent

 Great school. Very caring teachers and office staff. Had my daughter in public school for a few years then transferred to the Christian school. Saw a significant change in her attitude (more respectful) and level of educational progress was and is set at a higher standard than public school. Love that my kids are exposed to a Christian environment through prayer time in class, and praise and worship once a week.  J.T.

 This school is the BEST! Awesome teachers and staff. Academics are top notch. I would recommend this school to anyone.  OHCS Parent

 I cannot imagine my children being in a better school. It is the perfect balance of academics and social development. Teachers are highly involved and dedicated, and the principal treats each child like her own. A wonderful atmosphere for students and parents. OHCS Parent

 When looking for a pre-school for our son, we explored MANY options. My two requirements were, 1) an actual school with, a campus. I was not interested in a daycare/preschool. And 2) a school that supports our faith. What better foundation to start your little ones off then education, family, and faith. We are thrilled! I highly recommend anyone looking for a wonderful school, filled with amazing kids, come and check out OHCS! What a blessing for Oak Harbor to have this school as a light in our community!  OHCS Parent

The teachers are amazing!!! They are the foundation and set the tone for each and every day. Again, my sons ability to grasp new concepts has grown by leaps and bounds. I attribute that to the wonderful teachers that give their very best everyday.  OHCS Parent