The staff at Oak Harbor Christian School is a dedicated group of hard working servants for the Lord Jesus Christ. Their commitment to love, nurture, and educate children fosters a Christ-like atmosphere at the school. Professionally our elementary staff are certificated teachers and continue to improve in their practice through ongoing professional development.

Sherry Fakkema, Principal
Mary Beth Eelkema, Administrative Intern/6th Grade Teacher
Lynnette Wright, Office Manager
Carolyn Krider, Tuition Treasurer
Jill Bos, Kindergarten Teacher
Kathy Miller, 1st Grade Teacher
Kayla Carsten, 2nd & 3rd Grade Teacher
Karlynn Vis, 4th & 5th Grade Teacher
Madison Floyd, 6th Grade Teacher
Lynne Evans, Art Teacher
Cheryl Johnston, P.E. Teacher
Maddison Nuqui, Student Teacher


Preschool Staff

Michelle McVey, Preschool Director
Erin Peek, Preschool Teacher
Gail Vogel, Preschool Teacher
Anitra Stanton, Preschool Teacher
Joy Ross, Preschool Teacher