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Education here is about so much more than “rules and books.” Our educational program is based on two things: Christ-centered learning and academic excellence. We want to equip your child to grow and face life’s challenges with the peace and strength that God can provide as well as with the skills that an academically excellent education provides. The teachings of the Bible are taught inside and outside the classroom and are encouraged in the behavior modeled by teachers, staff, parents and classmates. Because we meet and exceed state requirements for what is taught in each subject at each grade level – and because we’re able to address the student’s body, mind and spirit as a whole – we believe that the education OHCS offers is more solid, better integrated and rightly focused than other schools.

As you prepare to find out more about the education that we can offer your child at Oak Harbor Christian School, we hope the information on this website will answer many of your questions.

Oak Harbor Christian School serves families and students in Preschool through 6th grade.

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