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Education here is about so much more than “rules and books.” You’re preparing to find out about the education that we offer your child when you enroll at the Oak Harbor Christian School, and we hope these materials on this website will answer many of your questions.

Our educational program is based on two things: Christ-centered learning and academic excellence. We want to equip your child to grow and face life’s challenges with the peace and strength that God can provide as well as with the skills that an academically excellent education provides. The teachings of the Bible are taught inside and outside the classroom and are encouraged in the behavior modeled by teachers, staff, parents and classmates. Because we meet and exceed state requirements for what is taught in each subject at each grade level – and because we’re able to address the student’s body, mind and spirit as a whole – we believe that the education OHCS offers is more solid, better integrated and rightly focused than other schools.

Oak Harbor Christian School serves families and students in Preschool through 5th grade.

Find out more about Christian Middle and High School education in Oak Harbor.

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Another successful day exploring the wonders of beautiful western Washington. Up at 6am for a breakfast of waffles and peanut butter before heading to the Stonehenge replica in Maryhill. This is an exact replica of the original Stonehenge in Englan. It was built by Sam Hill in 1918 (who also built the Peace Arch on the Canadian Border in Blaine) as a tribute to the servicemen from Kittitas County who died in WWI. After that we got to drive across the Columbia River into Oregon in order to catch the interstate into Vancouver, WA. The kids were SO EXCITED to be in Oregon. They now consider themselves world travelers! Next stop was Fort Vancouver, a fur trading post that belonged to the great Hudson Bay Company. We watched a blacksmith forge a large hook from a piece of steel, a furrier explain how important animal pelts were in place of currency and a carpenter who gave us a great life lesson…everything is a building block. Dinner was a pizza and salad buffet (kids LOVED this, too) and then off to the hotel pool for 1.5 hours of controlled mayhem. Devotions have been shared and lights are now going out. We are grateful for this chance at fellowship and I can already see changes in the group. What an amazing bunch of kiddos. God is great. See MoreSee Less

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WA is an amazing state! See MoreSee Less

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The Annual 5th grade trip to study our beautiful State has begun!!! Our first stop was the Iron Goat Rest Area where we learned about the first trains to traverse the mountains across Stevens Pass. From there we stopped at the Rocky Reach Dam where we watched salmon climb a fish ladder and learned about hydroelectric power and how important it is for the state of Washington. From there we drove to a windy plain above Ellensburg for a tour of the Wild Horse Wind Farm. We learned about turbines and how Washington is second in the nation in the production of wind power. We were even allowed inside the base of one of the turbines! After a quick dinner at Perkin’s (everybody cleaned their plates!), they had 30 minutes in the pool before devotions and lights out at 9pm. We are exhausted but excited about seeing more of God’s blessings tomorrow See MoreSee Less

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WOW!! what a fantastic lunch!!! Parents you went above and beyond and as you can see all the teachers really enjoyed it!! See MoreSee Less

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